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Can I get featured on the top tier media outlets?
Pressful guarantees your press releases will appear on many news and media sites such as ABC, NBC, FOX, CBS, CW, MarketWatch, Reuters, Yahoo Finance, plus many more. With some media outlets like TechCrunch, it's solely up to the journalist to post your video press release or not.

  • We guarantee distribution, not editorial coverage; we cannot force a journalist to write a story.
  • While some of the sites we send to do automatically post our full press release feed, many of them do not.
    • A lot of our endpoints have content filters in place so that they only post news about certain industries, like tech or entertainment.
    • Some of our recipients may only post part of the release or have a link to it up for a short time, or it may simply come to an internal terminal where they read releases for story ideas, industry trends, etc.
    • As mentioned above, we can only track a very small number of sites for release postings.
  • Journalists are overwhelmed with content and pitches and are outnumbered by PR professionals 7:1.
  • Press release distribution is one part of an overall communications strategy and should be accompanied by other efforts.
I'm not happy about my distribution results, can i get a refund?
Pressful's interviewing Platform is the newest and most innovative Online Platform for Video Interviews. If you are unhappy with your recorded interview, we will do the best we can to resolve the issue. We offer one free edit of your interview and once that is completed, you will have the ability to approve it to move to distribution.

However, once your approval is received, it is not possible to be canceled. Changes are no longer able to be made and at this point, your purchase is non refundable.

The timeframe for raising a claim for a refund is within 24 hours of your original purchase, and each case will be judged by the Pressful team on its merits, however, if a Press Release has been successfully processed by the team and distributed in accordance with the instructions of the client, no refund will be due.

In some cases where the Press Release has not been distributed with 24 hours of successful receipt by the Pressful team, and there was no embargo on that press release, Pressful will consider the customer's request.

How long does it take to publish a press release?
Usually, it takes 1-2 days for your press release to be live on news and media sites after it's been approved by our editorial team. It takes 1-3 business days until you receive a full report with all live links.
Can I schedule my press release to any specified date?
Certainly! You can schedule both the time and date of your press release beforehand. For unscheduled, rapid releases a minimum period of 1 day is needed from submission to publication.
What kind of press releases are not acceptable?
The protocols of major news outlets restrict the spread of any inappropriate content. Therefore, make sure your video press release doesn't include any content that fails to comply with applicable laws, statutes, statutory instruments, contracts, or regulations, advertising, and marketing codes of practice (whether self-regulatory or otherwise); or it does not breach any duty toward, or rights of, any person or entity, including rights of publicity and/or privacy, or any consumer protection laws, or the intellectual property rights of any third party; or it does not contain any false, deceptive, misleading, unethical, defamatory or threatening material or any obscene, offensive or blasphemous material; and it does not promote or advocate pornographic, profane, racist, libelous, gambling-related, discriminatory, offensive or deceptive material.
How do you choose a journalist for my video press release?
Your questionnaire asks for keywords and industry. Based on the answers you provide, we then match you with a journalist who specializes in the specific area of your product or service.
I'm having issues with checking out.
If you experience any issues regarding billing or payment:

1. The billing information should be checked for accuracy and see that it matches those shown on your bank statements.

2. If you have the correct billing information, please contact your bank to make sure nothing is blocking the payment from being processed.

3. For further assistance, contact our support team.
Can I pay using Paypal?
Yes. If you want to pay by using Paypal, select the option from our menu and authorize the payment. Once the payment procedure is completed, we'll send you an email with your confirmation link so you can proceed.
How do you add the video to my press release?
We embed the video and link in your Press Release.
How long does it take to review my video?
It takes between 2 to 3 business days to get approved by our quality control staff. It can take our editing team 5-10 business day to edit your interview.
Do you allow a second try on the video press release?
Yes. If for any reason, the first attempt went terribly wrong, the review staff will send out a re-do to our journalist and reschedule you for one free re-do interview. There is no third attempt, though.
Can I include links in my press release?
Yes. You can incorporate up to 3 hyperlinks in the body of the press release and you can also include up to 2 extra resource links that will be shown at the bottom of your press release.
Will my press release be available in all search engines including google?
Yes. Your press release will be available and indexed on all major search engines and will also be listed on Google News.
Do you publish non-English press releases?
We do not.
Is there any written press that gets attach to my video interview?
Yes. We also attach a written press release with your interview video. The written part of your press release is where you can upload or write it.